Couples Vegetable and Fruit Box

Couples Vegetable and Fruit Box

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this box is ideal for a 2 people

your box will usually contain, but does change with the seasons. 

750g Common Potatoes 

500g New Potatoes 

4 x Tomatoes

4 x Carrots

1 x Lettuce

1 x Cucumber 

1 x White Onions

1 x Red onion

2 x Apples 

2 x Satsumas 

2 x Pepper

1 x Cooked Beetrootu76

1 x Cabbage  

5 x Mushrooms 

1 x Lee

1 x Broccoli

1 x Parsnip

1 x Spring Onion

1 x Had Doz Local Hen Eŕggs

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