Casa Eceiza Teja y Cigarrillos 160g

Casa Eceiza Teja y Cigarrillos 160g

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Casa Eceiza Teja y Cigarrillos


Artisanal Spanish biscuits, made the same way since 1924. 


Ingredients: sugar, pasteurized EGG whitebutter (MILK), WHEAT flour, ALMOND (17%). pasteurized whole EGG, butter (MILK) (9%), lemon flavouring.


"Since 1924, at Casa Eceiza we have put all our efforts to offer the highest quality in each of our creations. Generation after generation, we have researched, designed and shaped the world of confectionery with a clear objective; to offer our customers and friends taste experiences that they will never forget.

To do this, we have maintained the highest quality of our ingredients and have carefully kept the secrets of the recipes devised by our bakeries. Because a special dessert is made in a special way." - Casa Eceiza.

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