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Coconut Kitchen - Coconut Milk

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17-19% Fat Coconut Milk

Our high coconut extract Milk makes a great partner for our curry recipes.  Not all coconut milk is the same.

It took us 2 year of trails and recipe formulation to get this one spot on and the right level of creamy-ness to go with our curry pastes. Our tin also has an easy open ring-pull lid, no faffing with a can opener here when you want to get a good curry on the table!

No Monkeys or animals are used in the picking of our coconuts. As we are The Coconut Kitchen, we felt that we needed to comment on the issue monkeys being used for coconut harvesting in Thailand. A social media campaign was launched in July 2020 based on findings by the US based organisation, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). Their campaign has convinced many UK supermarkets to put a blanket ban all coconut products made in Thailand. And just so you know, we work closely with our partner in Thailand and we can guarantee that no monkeys are used in the harvesting of the coconuts that our used for our coconut milk Read more about this here 

Coconut extract (81.82%)
No sodium Meta bi-sulphate
17-19% coconut oil (fat) content
Easy open lid


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