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  • Weight: 220g - 875g wedge (approx), whole cheese is approx 875g
  • Consistency: Firm
  • Milk: Goat

Garrotxa is a traditional Catalonian goat's cheese named after the region of Catalonia where it was first produced. Garrotxa is traditionally made from the milk of Murciana goats and aged in caves to enhance mold development and the resulting flavor. Garrotxa has a powdery gray or grayish-blue rind, a firm texture, an ivory-colored interior, and an earthy flavor. It pairs well with fresh fruit, walnuts and cured meats.


Ingredients: Pasteurized goats milk, sea salt, animal rennet, lysozyme (derived from egg), cheese cultures.

Allergens: Pasteurized goats milk, lysozyme (derived from egg).

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