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Patacabra Semi Curado

  • Weight (approx): 250g - 1200g wedge, whole cheese is 2.3kg
  • Consistency: Semi-hard
  • Milk: Goat

This Patacabra, meaning ‘goat’s leg’ in Spanish, is made in the Aragon region of Spain; it is a full flavoured and semi hard cheese, which is perfect with membrillo (quince paste) and red wine. This cheese cooks beautifully - pop in the oven on a slice of crusty bread with a drizzle of olive oil and grind of pepper, cook for approx 7-8 mins at 220c, serve with a spoonful of honey poured over the top.


Ingredients: Pasteurized goat's milk, rennet, cheese cultures.

Allergens: Pasteurized goat's milk.

Where applicable, all our cheeses are packaged in multiples of 250g (approx).

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