Polgri Iberico Pate

Polgri Iberico Pate

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Polgri Pate Iberico


This company was originally founded in 1967 in la Mancha, and has continued to grow with the times. Throught its extensive experience in the industrial manufacture of canned food, Polgri Sa has managed to consolidate itself as a pioneer company even before it reached the hospitilaty sector due to the artisian production of poultry and game dishes.


Pate made with Iberician pork. Delicious as a side dish.


Ingredients: Pork liver (30%), pork bacon (30%), water, corn starch, pork globin, whey, salt, aroma, emulsifier E-451, E-466 and E-472, enhancer flavor E-621, thickener E-407, stabilizer E-331, antioxident E-301, preservative E-250 and E262, dye E-120.

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