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Halen Môn Bloody Mary Ketchup Shop/Website 250g

Halen Môn Bloody Mary Ketchup Shop/Website 250g


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All the flavour from the classic cocktail – including a dash of vodka – in a deliciously savoury ketchup.

This ever-popular spiked ketchup has a lively kick to it.

Easily adds flavour to:

  • Any type of bangers and mash
  • Oven roasted chips and potato wedges
  • Fried and scrambled eggs
  • Barbequed meat and grilled vegetables

The more adventurous among us should try:


  • Mixing with equal parts soy sauce and sweet rice wine to make a glaze for well-dried and cornflour-coated tofu before pan frying and finishing with toasted sesame oil and seeds
  • Adding a tablespoon to crushed white beans, breadcrumbs and chopped onion before shaping into balls and nestling into tomato sauce for a veggie meatball alternative
  • Mixing with good mayonnaise for the best Marie Rose sauce to stir sweet pink shrimp into
  • Mixing and cooking until bubbling and concentrated with a tin of chopped tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, jarred cannelini beans, smoked paprika and maple syrup for the best beans on toast.
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