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Rising Higher is the ultimate blend of ancient ayurvedic plants and functional mushrooms designed to energise and strengthen your body and mind. 

• Uplifts mood and energy

• Supports brain health

• Enhances focus

• Increases mental and physical stamina

This blend is best taken in the morning/afternoon as it contains naturally energising ingredients and increases mental sharpness. 

Organic | Plant Based | Gluten Free 

How to use:

Enjoy with your choice of milk. Place 1-2TBS in a cup, warm milk gently and add a small amount into the cacao, stir to make a paste and slowly add the rest of the milk. Whisk together for a frothier version.

Enjoy as a ritual. Take time to breathe deep, feel your emotions, align yourself with the true embodiments of who you are. Nourish your body and mind in one special moment. Each sip brings you closer to centre.

Also great added to your favourite smoothies, baking, porridge, energy balls...

A jar contains 25 servings (servings calculated at 1 tablespoon)


Cacao, Ashwagandha, Chaga, Lion's Mane, Cordyceps, Ginger, Cinnamon,  Pink Himalayan salt, Coconut sugar


Raw Cacao makes the perfect partner for the deep earthy flavours of these mushrooms. Cacao is a natural mood elevator and anit-depressant. High in Iron and full of antioxidants.

Ashwagandha is best known for its stress-relieving, calming properties. Studies have shown benefits of improving concentration and memory.

Chaga is best known for its ability to strengthen immunity and over-all health. Anti-inflammatory properties and high in antioxidants. 

Lion's Mane is best known for its ability to improve nerve development and function, relieve anxiety and improve cognitive focus and memory.

Cordyceps often referred to as the "energy mushroom", these little powerhouses enhance physical performance and energy levels.

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants, stregthens the immune system and soothes digestion.

Cinnamon for its uplifting and anti-inflammatory properties.

Pink Himalayan Salt contains vital minerals and can help the body to detoxify.

Coconut sugar a little natural sweetener which contains various minerals, fibre and antioxidants.


Store in a cool & dry place

Handmade with love in the Cotswolds 


*Consult your healthcare provider prior to use if you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medication.

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